Monday, April 6, 2009

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!!

As I was listening to tracks, working on my own LP.. I stumbled upon some Floetry. I immidiatley started crooning to the likes of " Say Yes" and "Getting Late"... I asked myself " where are they now?".. Into my investigation I logged onto a website( I forgot what it was!!! "Blame it on the____").. I seen that Marsha Ambrosius had a solo mixtape LP. Signed to Dr.Dre's aftrermath label she has released 2 mixtapes to date. The 1st " Neo Soul is Dead".. Which she sings over old and new dre beats... It's okay but couldve been better. Now the 2nd LP lead by producers Don Cannon and Focus.... "Yours Truly"- with guest such as Busta Rhymes, Game and Little Brother.. This Mixtape is a classic..... Check the Cover!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Living on Water"

As I get older I beginning to associate myself with a lifestyle that includes finer threads, all-in-one gadgets, classy cars, mini-mansions and humble women.. Since I've been working at my newest adventure.. I've been introduced into the life of an Yacht enthusiast. With the help of my friend Ryan or "Cappy" for his eagerness to own a house on water. I have come to appreciate these fantastic creations. Ive never been a water person (because I cant swim)...LoL.. But I'm willing to participate in activities that requires you to be water savvy... Especially if I can see myself in white linen shorts, thong sandals and my bird out (chest that is)... I can only imagine what the dolphins will be chattering about when they see me with my aqua swag....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back 2 Skool!!!!

Y-3 2009 Spring/Summer Backpacks.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Seven Pounds not enough "Weight"??

So on Christmas Day my mother and I went to see Seven Pounds. I wasn't really sure what to think of the movie based on it's previews. I'm a huge Will Smith fan and I had to see what he could do next. The opening of the movie had me hating Will Smith's character instantly as he brutally disrespected Woody Harrelson's blind character. As the movie progressed you began to see the light being shed on this epic movie. Still, it left you with questions and playing the guessing game. As Mr. Smith began to do unordinary things for people he had no connection with, it began to all add up. When the beautiful Rosario Dawson makes her entrance into the movie it became like a fairy tale love story.

So what was the point of this movie?

As my mother and I talked after leaving the movie, we came up with many different messages this movie exemplified.. My mother, being on fire for GOD expressed biblical principals that this movie subliminally stated. As we got deeper into our conversation we both began to compare/contrast the movie with religion...

1. Seven- The number of completion (In which it took GOD to create the world)
2. When Woody Harrelson's character was being harassed, he kept his composure and didn't let the words affect him. ( The enemy/devil tries us all the time, if he is ignored there are blessings that are bestowed upon us) He received eyes for sight...
3.Sacrifice- Mr.Smith's character sacrificed his money, home, body, to do great things for people. (It's great to be a blessing to others and so Christ-Like)
4. When Mr.Smith's character went to visit the doctor who was treating the elderly lady wrong.( He missed out on a blessing because of his evil doings).. If you think no one sees you, GOD does!!!!

Along with the religious principals, they stressed the importance of not texting while driving!!

This movie deserved more then what it got. But I can't blame people for not being knowledgeable about the word of GOD!! I can only pray that people began to know who Christ is. I also encourage those who did or didn't see this movie to pick it up March 31st on DVD!!!!! Step outside your comfort zone and pay close attention to the numerous messages this great movie has....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Happened To These Kind of Parties???

Before the Police & Task Force would shut down a Party.. Before dudes would go to parties just to stand on the wall and look at other dudes and start some sh*t. When girls actually danced and not have dry sex on the dance floor. Man I was born in the wrong era. The early 90's really was poppin.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cassius Clae

Since I'm a C-Rec head I couldn't help but be impressed by these. After there debut in 2001 Clae is back and in a nick of time. With C-Rec and Supra reaching mainstream America Clae seems to be a mixture of those and more. I definitley have to grab a couple of pair... If you want to see a more up close and personal display, check there website